Declarația șefului Statului Major al Apărării la Ziua Distinșilor Vizitatori a exercițiului româno-american DACIAN REAPER-20

Publicat în 19-02-2020
This has been an exercise carried out in English language so I was requested to address in English so everyone will understand what I say.
With your permision I will start in English and then draw the conclusions in Romanian.
It is a pleasure to be here today and it’s especially a pleasure to be here with the US Ambassador in order to see the soldiers from the 71st Airbase and also the soldiers who operate one of the most modern capabilities in the US AirForce, MQ-9 reaper. Coming here to Câmpia Turzii was a great opportunity to see, not only the exercise and what we are doing here, but also to discuss about the projects, to see the progress and to review everything we do together in order to increase deterrence and defense into this area.
The participants will give you more technical details I am going to focus on some strategic aspects and something that we have learned from this cooperation.
It is obvious from the very beginning that the US role for the security of Europe is firm and, the same, the role of US for the security of Romania is very important.
And I want to start by saying thank you to the US representative for the continuous military support US Armed Forces have provided to Romanian Armed Forces, either in the Theaters of operations, either in exercises we have carried out on the territory of Romania.
And to refer only to this specific exercise, this has already become a tradition and, by counting US Air Force in Europe presence in Câmpia Turzii over the past 3 years, over 1700 personnel, over 80 airplanes in exercises like Dacian Warhawk, Dacian Viper, Dacian Reaper and so on. This is only a part, an important part, of the exercises we are doing together with the US in Romania.
As an army guy, I will remind you that Saber Guardian, from last year, with US Army Europe almost 15000 personnel from so many countries participated so thank you very much for that effort. I want to go on and ensure you that the strategic partnership with the US will continue. We are very determined to continue this for the benefit of both our countries.
I also want to say that the US presence in Romania complements the allied forward presence in this part of the globe. This presence is translated into many soldiers on the ground and as we speak right now, over 1000 US soldiers, airmen and marines are deployed in Deveselu, Mihail Kogalniceanu and in other parts of Romania. This presence is also translated in a meaningful program of exercises.
In return the Romanian armed forces, we are doing our part, we are providing 2% of the GDP, we invest more than 25% of this 2% into procurement of new equipment and with the support of our allies and the strategic partner we are looking forward to developing necessary capabilities so that the ROU armed forces will be meaningful and contribute together with our alliance to the deterrence and defense of the Black Sea region.
Once again, thank you Ambassador for all this continuous support, thank you all for being here today with us and thank you to the airmen and everybody who worked in the exercise and good luck in the future.
Vreau să subliniez, încă o dată, rolul extraordinar de important pe care SUA îl au in securitatea Europei și a României.
Subliniez faptul că strategia noastră militară și strategia de securitate se bazează pe cei trei piloni, NATO, UE și parteneriatul strategic cu SUA, evidențiind rolul pe care aceste exerciții în ultimii trei ani împreună cu US Army, US Air Force în Europa, peste 1700 de militari aviatori au fost în Câmpia Turzii cu peste 80 de avioane. Subliniez faptul că la rândul nostru Forțele Armate Române își fac datoria în ceea ce privește dezvoltarea de noi capabilități, faptul că investim 25% din cei 2% din PIB alocat apărării în dezvoltarea de noi capabilități.
Toate acestea ne dau încredere că, împreună, putem constitui capabilitățile necesare pentru apărare și pentru descurajare în această parte a lumii.
Mulțumesc, încă o dată, tuturor celor care ați fost cu noi astăzi!”